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About Us

WHY… Ameri Shape Weight Loss Studios offer one of the most exciting business opportunities around and at the very best price in the industry. Guaranteed! More than ever women need a refuge from the stress they face daily; a place that fits into their already hectic lifestyle and provides the opportunity to do something positive for themselves. You can offer that refuge and be rewarded for it by owning an Ameri Shape Weight Loss Studio. Everyday women are seeking to improve their lifestyles and learning more about proper nutrition as an absolute must and the importance of integrating exercise movement into their lives.

The question is where and how. Most health clubs or weight loss centers either offer one or the other and this requires most clients joining two places and paying twice the price. Ameri Shape Weight Loss Studio is a wide open business opportunity that will allow you to service both concerns under one non-intimidating roof. Conventional exercise and health clubs are intimidating and exercising alone doesn't provide the group support women want.Many weight loss franchises teach sensible eating habits but lack a convenient, structured exercise program that women like. The solution is an Ameri Shape Weight Loss Studio with an easy to implement nutrition program along with a convenient exercise routine all at the same location. The success of Ameri Shape is based on simple proven principles. We have integrated our highly successful “Completely Natural No Diet System” along with a 30 minute exercise routine and topped it off with supervision from an Ameri Shape Coach.

NOW’S THE TIME… We all know the importance of timing and this opportunity could never be better. How many companies offer the opportunity to change people's lives for the better and be rewarded at the same time? In some cases, return on investment can be as short as 90 days. Many people open multiple Ameri Shape Weight Loss Studios when they see how easy and rewarding it is. With a starting price of $19,995.00 it makes good financial sense to open a studio in your community sooner, rather than later.

OPERATIONAL SIMPLICITY… The only requirement is caring about people and a desire and willingness to learn. If you seek financial independence and like working with people, we can do the rest. We provide you with all the tools and training required for success. Our Quick Start Specialists are the best in the industry.

YOU’RE THE BOSS… Many people entering the business world want flexibility in running their own operation and the thought of paying a franchise fee each month is disturbing, especially when over 90% of most franchise value is within the first 90 days. Then after this period you are trained enough to operate the day to day function yourself without paying out up to $600.00 per month for little or maybe even no support. With Ameri Shape we will get you over the training hump and with our Quick Start 100 Program you will be ahead of the competition. Unlike other weight loss franchise opportunities, with Ameri Shape Weight Loss Studio you retain that autonomy. You could look at our system as a personalized weight loss franchise without paying royalties.

LOWEST START UP… You make the final call on what to offer and how to personalize your Ameri Shape Weight Loss Studio; an option not available with other weight loss franchise out there. Most franchise will require you to build a cookie cut facility to their requirements and insist that you buy all your materials from them. Why….Because they make money on everything from the wall paper down to the tile they sell you. Ameri Shape has the absolute best start up price in the industry our start up studio package is just around $19,995.00 Depending on how extensive a studio and which amenities you choose, the cost can vary. Remember we are NOT a weight loss franchise. You make the final decision of what to offer and how to personalize your Ameri Shape Weight Loss Studio.