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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I consider the Ameri Shape Weight Loss Studio license over a franchise?
There are many reasons, but the two most often are...You have total control of how you run your studio and what advertising you conduct. You will not have someone standing over your shoulder dictating each move. Probably, the next greatest reason is the financial saving in the beginning and every month for the life of you studio. If you pay a franchise $600.00 per month for five years , you will end up giving them close to $40,000.00 Now ask yourself , would you rather invest the forty thousand in your business / family or give it to a franchise somewhere. If the truth be know about many franchises in this industry, very few have great value after the initial honey moon stage after that you can definitely run the day to day without anyone’s assistance.

Q: Does Ameri Shape mandate our location?
No. With our system one of the first steps is to find a suitable site. Ameri Shape Weight Loss Studio can assist you in deciding on the best location for the asking price in your market. Remember the highest price shopping center is not always the best. We prefer to find a good location with more affordable rent and spend the difference in the advertising budget.

Q: What is the term of the license agreement and is there a charge for renewal?
The initial agreement is for three years, thereafter renewable annually. There is a annual fee for renewal of the agreement if you so choose to stay on board. Our goal is to not force anyone into a long term commitment , we’ve heard this from many franchise owners before; “The greatest regret is having signed a franchise contract that locked them in for five to ten years”.

Q: What help and support is given to new licensees?
All licensees receive complete support in all aspects of Ameri Shape Weight Loss Studio operation including recruiting and training employees, marketing, studio management and other operational areas. You will also receive grand opening support from an experienced Ameri Shape Weight Loss Studio consultant. Once open you are able to receive ongoing support and training from Ameri Shape Weight Loss Studio plus, unlimited telephone and email support.

Q: What training is offered?
The choice is yours. Either you can choose to have a consultant come out for the standard three day start up session to assist with your opening and hands on training or you can elect to do the Quick Start 100 Program , in which we will partner up with your location to help enroll the critical first 100 members. The choice is yours.

Q: How many staff members are employed in an average Studio?
In an average location a minimum of two to three new jobs are created.

Q: How long will it take to recoup my initial investment.
This depends on a number of financial variables. For instance rent, staffing costs, general financial management and whether you hire a manager or operate the location yourself. Typically payback can be achieved with 12 months of opening assuming that you are
following all the suggested advertising steps and spending enough on advertising to generate interest in your market.

Q: What are the start-up costs of a Ameri Shape Weight Loss Studio location?
The cost will vary depending on rent and the level of build out/ decorating you choose to do. The least we feel it can be done for is around $10,000.00 and this is for a moderate vanilla shell build out with not allot of electrical changes and floor covering already in place by the landlord. The highest is around 30,000 plus and this is with major changes and hiring a professional interior designer to assist. Both models will work equally as well it's based on your build out budget.

Q: Do I have to be physically fit to operate a Ameri Shape Weight Loss Studio location?
The answer is no, in the same way that you don’t have to be physically fit to run any business. We do find however, that most owners improve their health by default when operating a Ameri Shape Weight Loss Studio. You will feel naturally compelled to represent what you are helping other achieve.

Q: When considering potential locations for new studios, will care be taken to protect the interest of existing owners?
Every Ameri Shape Weight Loss Studio location exists within its own predefined territory, usually five miles around the location is enough to provide each owner with good protection. Only the owner of the radius area is permitted to open new locations within that territory. Owners are of course able to purchase further available territories for expansion.

Q: What is the satellite model I’ve seen mentioned?
The satellite model is for current business owners that would like to incorporate the Ameri Shape Weight Loss Studio into their existing business as a new profit center. The Ameri Shape model will work great along side other business, most specifically; tanning salons, chiropractic offices, and fitness centers. Other business opportunities could be just about any professionally operated business with at least 1000 to 1500 sq. ft of expansion space.

Q: Do I need to live in or near the area I am interested in developing?
No you do not but from your own point of view you may wish to live close to or within the area you develop.

Q: How can I reserve a location?
With a signed license agreement and a deposit of ½ the total cost or with an approved leasing agreement.

Q: If I have an existing business, will I have to change its name?
No, but we recommend you display the Ameri Shape® registered logo along with your existing signs. This is to your advantage since you are offering the professional weight reduction program.

Q: Do I need to have Business Experience to own a Ameri Shape Weight Loss Studio?
You do not need to have business experience to own a studio . We are looking for owners with basic "common business sense" who are willing to apply our business sales and service system. Although background in the Health & Fitness and Weight Loss business could be beneficial, but is not necessary because we provide a complete training program. It is also important to be able to create a atmosphere of high motivation, enthusiasm, and productivity for both your staff and your clients. You should know that you have strong management skills, sales skills, and a willingness and determination to follow the Ameri Shape Weight Loss Studio operating system. Ameri Shape is interested in individuals who possess a strong desire to succeed and who are willing to donate their best effort toward operating a successful Ameri Shape Studio.

Q: How long does it normally take to open my Ameri Shape Weight Loss Studio?
Upon site selection for your location, lease negotiation, financing ,equipment delivery, grand opening plans and development of a marketing strategy, you will be ready to open your center. This process takes as little as 30 days. Financing and site selection can slow down the process , we recommend starting sooner in these area’s if financing is going to be necessary.