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Nutrition Plan


In most all conventional diet programs, the weight you lose is mainly muscle and water. Therefore, you only become a smaller version of yourself – a skinnier FAT person. Your body fat percentage barely changes. But, your bathroom scale would have you believe that the diet worked.


Regular diets don’t work because they are based on faulty design. They are based on weight loss instead of fat loss. You restrict yourself to a very low calorie diet or liquid diet and think you are reaching your goal because you are losing weight on the bathroom scales. Since the diet is not designed to lose FAT, you mainly lose muscle and keep the unwanted fat. Then when you resume regular eating habits, you gain the weight back. So as the cycle goes you start the same method over and over again.


The answer goes back thousands of years. Our ancestors ate anything they could gather, grow or hunt within reason. They instinctively did so because it might be days before the next meal. To survive their body stored fat as fuel to be burned for later. We still retain fat for the same reason there's only one big difference we don’t have to hunt to hard to find our next meal. Restrauants and grocery stores are on every corner in our society. By nature we are efficient fat storing machines. The built in survival mechanism is strong. Your body continually makes instinctive adjustments to stay alive. Dieting is no exception.

In your mind you know you are simply dieting— however , your body on a cellular level believes you are starving to death and instinctively seeks high calorie food in order to store more fat for future energy. After repeated cycles of dieting the body tends to stay in a semi-starvation mode. It continually craves specific foods as it tries to retain a certain level of fat. This phenomenon is regulated by the hypothalamus gland, located in the brain. Within this gland is an agent known as the weight regulating mechanism (WRM) commonly referred to as the fat thermostat.

Your fat thermostat controls the burning of energy. The Ameri Shape Weight Loss System has been designed to lower your FAT THERMOSTAT thus losing body fat while maintaining healthy lean muscle. Remember you can burn up to 35 calories per pound of lean muscle compared to only about 5 calories per pound of fat. So the question is … Would you rather have more lean muscle or more body fat ? You right...MORE LEAN MUSCLE.

You don’t have to be a dietitian to effectively follow our program.

There are really only four main factors that need to be followed in order for people to maximize the effectiveness of the Ameri Shape Weight Loss System. We don’t have a magic pill, even though most agree that it’s the next best thing. There are a few rules to our program that, once followed, ensure weight loss success.

  1. Food Rotation
  2. Adequate Water Consumption
  3. Food Group Trading
  4. Don’t Deny Yourself!

You can experience a complete lifestyle transformation following our dual exercise and nutrition strategy. The Ameri Shape NO DIET WEIGHT LOSS PLAN is the perfect compliment to our 30 minute circuit express workout. Designed to fit into your present lifestyle and eating habits the Ameri Shape NO DIET WEIGHT LOSS PLAN helps you make small, yet consistent changes over time that add up to big losses in body fat, and big increases in lean mass and strength without gaining unfeminine muscles.

Your energy will soar as a result of these healthy changes and the best part is there are no stringent calorie restrictions or “Must avoid” foods. It’s a easy to follow plan of replacing highly processed foods that have poor nutritional value with whole, natural and delicious foods that provide the fuel your body craves.

  1. An individualized eating plan based on your weight loss goals, lifestyle, and physical conditions.
  2. A nutritional plan that details the correct food groups to maximize your personal weight loss goals.
  3. A complete grocery list of food choices detailing the proper balance of food groups to be consumed for greatest weight loss possible. This list includes many choices, catering to a variety of tastes.
  4. Weekly check ins with your coach plus tips and simple recipes to fit in with even the busiest lifestyles.