amerishape weight loss


Our Quick Start 100 Program is the only program of its kind in the industry. Although this marketing program is not mandatory it is highly recommend. It’s something you will want to consider it when launching your Grand Opening. With Quick Start we partner up with you and invest in your Grand Opening Campaign, to assure that you are off to a strong start and reach the first 100 new member mark immediately. With Quick Start 100 we will send in a trained sales and operation specialist to assist you day to day until you reach the critical first 100 new clients and best of all we cover all the expense out of our pocket and work strictly off a commission basis on what we help bring into your center. Of course this is not mandatory and you have the complete freedom to do it your way.

The Quick Start 100 Program targets with laser precision those who are accustomed to approaching weight management through the dieting channel. Our program hits the hot button of the weight loss consumer dead center and compels them to take action by combining progressive exercise with a sensible and practical approach. After years and years of trying and failing at the diet game, these prospects are primed and ready for a new and fresh approach that includes regular exercise. So the choice is yours, you choose how much or how little support you want. It is at your discretion.

Pay only for what you want and need. Similar to network marketing; you are in business on your own, but you are not alone. This is a menu driven method of operating a weight loss center! Our support includes major direct marketing campaigns, retraining, grand openings, and open house plus much more. When you compare the standard weight loss franchise business opportunity to the Ameri Shape Weight Loss Studio business opportunity, the choice is clear. Select the freedom, independence and investment opportunity that the Ameri Shape system has to offer. Other weight loss franchise offerings can't compete.